Film Festivals galore

As I move back to Seattle next week, I have started helping out once more a few Seattle film festivals I previously helped out with. This year, they are largely online and free to register, so I hope you have the chance to check out these wonderful, amazing short films.

The 2021 Southeast Asia by Seattle (SEAxSEA) Film Festival has actually already started in early May, but you can still watch these films from Southeast Asia and its diasporas until June 4. We are actually having a Filmmaker Panel Discussion this weekend if you are interested in hearing from some of this year’s filmmakers.

After postponing our festival last year, the Diwa Filipino Film Festival is returning online this year, and will be screening online from June 5 to 30, 2021. I am so excited to share this year’s crop of films that celebrate the Filipino spirit wherever it resides.

I hope to see you all in the movies and I look forward to film festivals returning back to theaters next year!

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