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Film Festivals galore

As I move back to Seattle next week, I have started helping out once more a few Seattle film festivals I previously helped out with. This year, they are largely online and free to register, so I hope you have the chance to check out these wonderful, amazing short films. The 2021 Southeast Asia byContinue reading “Film Festivals galore”

Koboys and Kumadres

I am excited to be part of this year’s Association for Asian American Studies Annual Conference. The theme, “Unsettling Transpacific Ecologies,” sounded perfect for my current research, so I submitted a paper I have been working on. Entitled “Koboys and Kumadres: Rethinking kinship and agency in early Filipina migration narratives in HawaiĘ»i,” it will beContinue reading “Koboys and Kumadres”


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