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Koboys and Kumadres

I am excited to be part of this year’s Association for Asian American Studies Annual Conference. The theme, “Unsettling Transpacific Ecologies,” sounded perfect for my current research, so I submitted a paper I have been working on. Entitled “Koboys and Kumadres: Rethinking kinship and agency in early Filipina migration narratives in Hawaiʻi,” it will beContinue reading “Koboys and Kumadres”

AAS Conference 2021

This week is the Association for Asian Studies 2021 Virtual Annual Conference. Yesterday’s Presidential Address by Christine Yano was very interesting and inspiring. She talked about the traditional Japanese musical performance form “Chindon-ya,” wherein the troupe performs while walking down the streets and alleyways, bringing music and happiness wherever they went and promoting local shopsContinue reading “AAS Conference 2021”


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